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La marguerite—cocktail in a cake: recipe

One of the things I fell in love with when I first came to France, was the type of cake they call entremets. The word originally referred to a dish served between two main courses, but now refers to a cake, or a mousse-based dessert. You see them every where in shop windows, usually covered with a shiny jelly, which is knowns as a miroir or mirror. They are perfect as celebration cakes or desserts as they are really light. They also keep for ages in the fridge, if you can resist.























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The Great French Bake Off (Le meilleur pâtissier)

It’s just been announced that Le meilleur pâtissier, the French version of The Great British Bake Off will be returning to our screens here in France on October 8th. Judged by Cyril Lignac, one of France’s top pâtissiers and Mercotte, the most famous French food blogger, this third season is set to be more popular and exciting than ever. I will be posting write ups and baking along all the technical challenges, so watch this space for news. I have also discovered to my great delight, that my friend and fellow Baking Boy Blogger, Antoine Sainte-Luce of Les plaisirs sucrés d’Antoine is one of the contestants on this year’s show. You can follow his exploits in his new Facebook page.

le meilleur patissier

Catarons! Kitty macarons to celebrate a new arrival: recipe

So, there has been a new arrival in my house: a three-month old abandoned kitten. We spent a while trying to think of a suitable name: something French, something sweet, something appropriate. In the end we came up with Macaron. To celebrate his arrival, I thought I’d better bake something, so I have made some catarons, macarons in the shape of cats. catarons1






















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Baguette de la tradition française: French bread recipe

Let’s play a little game of word association. I will say a word and you say the first word that comes into your head. Ready?


What did you say? I bet it was ‘bread’. Bread is one of those things that over the years has become synonymous with french cuisine. Let’s face it, the whole country and system of government was based on it. Bread shortages and rising prices were one of the major causes of the French revolution. Still today, prices are displayed by law in every baker’s window, and the cliche of seeing the French walking down the street with a baguette under their arms is no cliche.























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In my (Paris) kitchen: September 2014

A friend recently introduced me to a wonderful blog called Fig Jam and Lime Cordial which runs a monthly feature called In My Kitchen. The idea is that people share interesting items or ingredients that they have in their kitchen at the moment which builds up a picture of what they are like as a person and a cook. So, I’ve decided to join in this month and so here is the first report from In My (Paris) Kitchen.

First up is some T65 flour. When I moved to France I discovered that they had their own method of grading flour and because everyone knows about it, it’s difficult to find out what the different types of flour are used for. The most common types in the shop are T45 and T55. T65 is used for making the famous French baguettes which I am learning this week.

DSC_0844 copy






















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