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Salted caramel and chocolate profiteroles: recipe

Recently I was having a conversation with a French friend about profiteroles. He was saying that he found them amazing since he had no idea how to get the ice-cream inside the choux. I gave him a funny look and said, ‘It’s not ice-cream. It’s crème pâtissière or chantilly and it’s easy: you use a piping bag.’ He was disappointed since he had been convinced they were filled with ice-cream.

















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Cosmocheese: recipe

Ladies and gentlement, I present to you the cosmocheese! I recently won 5th place with this recipe in a cheesecake competition at Fou de Pâtisserie, one of the leading magazines in France. It’s a mixture of cheesecake and the cocktail the Cosmopolitan. Like cheesecake, the Cosmo has its origins in New York. I served the dessert in a glass, which, as you know by now from this blog is very fashionable in France. Anyway, it seems to have done the trick. Enjoy the recipe.


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Cosmocheese: Recette (Version Française)

Mesdames et messieurs, je vous presente le cosmocheese. Avec cette recette j’ai pris cinquième place dans le concours cheesecake du magazine Fou de Pâtisserie.  C’est un mélange entre le cheesecake et le cocktail Cosmopolitan. Comme le cheesecake, le cocktail Cosmopolitan a des origines new-yorkaises. Cette recette propose un astucieux mélange entre les deux afin de vous apporter tous les goûts du Big Apple dans une petite verrine.


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Oh la vache! Competition runner up!

Time to get a little proud. My entry in the monthly competition run by the Fou de Patisserie magazine in France, came 5th. I’m extremely happy as it’s one of the top magazines in France and has monthly contributions from all my baking heroes. The competition was to develop a recipe around the theme of cheesecake. I designed a Cosmopolitan cocktail cheesecake, deconstructed and served in a glass. The Facebook announcement is below. I will be posting the recipe later this week.

Treat Petite: Cherry and Banana Cheesecake Verrine

I developed this recipe for a light cherry and banana dessert as an entry for the Treat Petite challenge run by my blogger friend Cakeyboi and The Baking Explorer. The idea of the challenge is to create an individually portioned treat or dessert within a particular theme. This month’s theme is ‘no bake’, so my chouchous were out. I decided instead to do a cheesecake verrine.























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